It’s been a fairly quite Hurricane season for the last decade or so, especially for Florida. Hurricane Matthew changed that a few weeks ago and the state was under the pounding surf and rain for a few days as Hurricane Matthew paralleled the Florida coast eventually making landfall in South Carolina. Ben Traylor Productions was in Jacksonville with The Weather Channel and meteorologist Paul Goodloe. The crew set up on Jacksonville Beach before the storm but concern for the storm surge pushed the crew inland to the city of Jacksonville just before the storm skirted Jacksonville Beach. In addition to live shots for TWC, Ben and his crew also did live shots with MSNBC and a couple of NBC affiliates. The one aggravating thing about Hurricanes is that it’s basically impossible to keep your lens from fogging up because of the humidity and the rain. Since we moved inland and were protected from the strong winds, we were out in the rain the entire time so our battle to keep the lens from fogging up was futile. One trick cameramen use to help is to use a blow dryer. However, that will only help for a few minutes. Check out the video below and see how we made out. The first clip is a live shot from Jacksonville Beach with MSNBC. The second clip in the montage is from the city of Jacksonville on the banks of the St. Johns River.