The Kentucky Derby coverage with NBC

If you wanna know how the weekend went, it was wet. Really wet, really sloppy and way too cold for May….but it sure was fun. Ben got a chance to see one of the great sporting events in the country, the Kentucky Derby! It rained for days but as usual, Ben had his 10×10 tent with him so the crew stayed fairly dry except for the blowing rain. Here’s one of our live shots we did with the Weather Channel for AMHQ. Check it out!


Senator Lindsey Graham’s town hall meeting

Ben shot the Lindsey Graham town hall meeting in Clemson, SC a few weeks ago. Usually, town hall meetings are extremely boring. This one was not. After the insults, groans and yelling, Ben and MSNBC’s Vaughn Hillyard had live shots all afternoon.



DNC chooses its Chair

Democrats selected former Labor Secretary Tom Perez as their new chairman. The DNC held the event in Atlanta and BTP was there with MSNBC. Ben used his LiveU for live shots. Here’s one of the live shots with MSNBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald.



The Giving Kitchen

This piece was shot in downtown Atlanta at Staplehouse restaurant. According to bon appetite magazine, “Staplehouse is the Number One Best New Restaurant in America 2016.” Ben used his Sony F5 and Canon lenses on this shoot with NBC correspondent Gabe Gutierrez. Ben chose this camera because it’s very good at low light and they shot the restaurant at night. It’s also a great interview camera because paired with great lenses, it can shoot at a shallow depth-of-field. These guys at Staplehouse are really busy! They were gracious enough to let Ben and his crew shoot one evening and then return the next day for interviews. If you plan on eating at Staplehouse, you need to get your reservations in early, like real early. They’re often booked week in advance. They do however have a walk-up bar if you want to chance it. Check out the piece below.




CES 2017 in Las Vegas

Ben got the opportunity to fly out to Vegas and cover CES for NBC the first week of January. CES is great for a camera guy because there’s lots of camera companies there like Nikon, Canon and Sony. Besides cameras, there are a lot of innovative products that are launched, about to be launched or in the developmental stage. Needless to say, the convention is massive and there’s endless tech everywhere you look. There were some great products (obviously) and maybe some not-so-great products. Watch the video below to see a few.